Our Vision

1. WE propose business by Research & Development.

Broadtail is the company which proposes business based on our Research & Development.
In other words, Broadtail is not only aimed to "Recklessly develop what was told by others" or "Contend only on technical matters for business victory". Create our novel technology, propose new business and acquire consideration from society is the basics of Broadtail business which will remain unchanged permanently.

2. WE thoroughly fulfill work of various people with enjoyment.

Broadtail is the company which thinks enjoyment in people's work (Something people do for their best) is the basics of all.
We thoroughly make importance on everyone's various enjoyments in business, which each individual can demonstrate his/her maximum ability and find most values of doing. A project which one's dream is played for, activities everyone become enthusiastic about, and everyday life we share at office ... they are all the examples of what Broadtail would like to apprize.

3. WE correct lines of "limits" people have.

"I can only do up to here", "I can only understand by this point", "I can only reach this far" ... Broadtail fixes various lines of breaking points people have.
Whether individuals or organizations, people who always think of unbreakable limits unconsciously, or have no question to have them in their life, may find the greatest joy and amazement at the moment they notice that such "limits" no longer exist.