Research & Development

Broadtail generates business based on technological development. As the main well to produce values to the world, we make importance on our R&D. Our current focus has been on the development of platform technology, especially for mobile service enterprises.

<Mobile Service Platform Develpment>

Mobile phones which have rapidly penetrated in last 15 years, have earned citizenships in our lives today. They are no longer telephone only devices, rather they function as email, riingtone, animation movie, camera, wallpaper, and varieties of others.
With multi-number of advanced features, we the individual users now feel difficulty to handle all the functions freely.

We, the users who have difficulty to operate mobile phones may think "there is a limit for us to realize things with mobile phones" without knowing potentials (abilities) of the mobile phones they have as the primary. Examples of the issues we tacitly have are followings.

  • Difficulty with operating / reading contents on mobile phone browsers. Hard to search exact information users want on mobile web.
  • Can not access to user friendly contents and services unless you consume time to download and set-up complicated applications.
  • Contents designs are standardized and mundane. Users demand for more unique designed, exciting sites.

Broadtail engineers are putting all their effort to get rid of such breaking points. Mobile service platform technology we have been developing has following advantages:

  • Be able to provide mobile contents with advanced search and usability without the need of installing any application.
  • Be able to provide actions with various functions instantly by freely adding applications on contents.
  • Be able to provide differentiations of each web-sites by adding competent designs and advanced expressions.

In addition, due to synergy effect of "analysis of consumer behavior" in a high level which was impossible before and "realtime personalization", proposal of mobile business which never happened has become realizable. Yet, in order to make our mobile service platform technology to expand the world of new mobile websites, Broadtail has will to promotes our work on Reseach & Development.