Product Info

Flip Card®, Broadtail's innovative mobile solution, makes any mobile sites into rich Flash "Full-screen card".
Broadtail provides Flip Card which automatically generates mobile contents to Flash Lite. By converting existing mobile contents into "full-screen card" forms, usability and visibility will be improved significantly.

《Key Features》
1: Expand the display area for more information!
By generating full-screen card from original cHTML contents, Flip Card not only enhances visibility of mobile sites, but it also improves the amount of information to be available to users at a glance. With a full-screen card, mobile users can view pages easily with only one click! Size of the display will be about 10 times larger than the traditional scrolling site; three to four times larger images will be able to be displayed with stress-free.

2: No more installation needed!
For 98% of the mobile phones available in Japan, you do not need Immediately-domestic mobile installation in no more than 98 %! Flip card is a server software which produces Flash Lite cards by bundling up multiple Flash Lite cards which were generated from definition files. Because it is not a client application, no installation nor set-ups is necessary for each user. Plus Flip Card is highly compatible, that any mobile carriers and their models can be freely used. We provides product which realizes One-Source for Multi-use in mobile environment.

3: Create in 3 easy steps!
Flip Card is a product which can be used easily for anyone. No programming knowledge or experience in web production needed! If you are an ad-owner planning for full-screen banner, you may be able to publish content without having the help of advertising agent. If you are a mobile site owner, you will be able to publish a high rate advertisement with low-margin. Not only face of card, but also back sides are also customizable. This Do-It-yourself system helps to shorten the PDCA cycle of content management (content production->publish->access analysis/assessment->modification) which leads to substantial reduction of initial construction and operation cost.

《System Configuration》
Flip card works as an Apache module. As an output filter of definition file (XML), Flip card generates full-screen card formed Flash Lite contents.

《Customer reference》
Flip card has been introduced for Photo Gallery of "FooMoo by HotPepper" from Recruit Co., Ltd. since June 2009.
By generating "Full-screen card" contents from various images in Photo Gallery in real-time, Flip Card delivers impressive picture images to FooMoo mobile users and contributes toward pleasant user experience.

Please compare Flip Card (left) and post mobile site (right). The difference is obvious!